Saturday, July 21, 2012

We had a wonderful evening ride last night.  I couldn't decide which picture of Tonka's ears was my favorite, so I added them all.

 Even the sun thinks my horse is special.  :)

There were lots of pretty flowers along the way, but yarrow is one of my favorites.  Read about it sometime, it's really an amazing plant.  And it's beautiful and it smells good too.  Tastes terrible though.

It was a rather short ride, but that's okay, Tonka liked it that way and so did I. 

 My sister got some good pictures of me and my boy.
 I like this arch.

I rode Scout the other night too.  I overestimated a lot of factors, and ended up walking a lot.  Not his fault at all.  If I'd had time to mount back up instead of just trying to keep up with the group I probably could have ridden the whole ride.  I learned a lot that day, mostly about poor planning on my part. 

I've been getting Bella used to a bit just by letting her wear it.  The bosal is fine but sometimes I think more clear communication would be better.  And I hauled her and Scout over to my sister's for a field trip, but then just left them in the round pen.  I think I rode Bella recently too but now I can't remember.  I need to do a better job of tracking my riding hours...  And I guess that shows how inconsistent my riding has been with her.  I think maybe it always will be.  Oh well.

We're ready to make an offer on the house we want.  Still not much going on with the sale of this place though...  So we're still here.


Helenann said...

I must say, #5 is a personal favorite...sunny Tonkaeahrs... LOL!!!! Bless you! :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Looks and sounds like a wonderful ride. Tonka is beautiful! Great photos of the ride. I really enjoy trail ride photos :)
Bummer about the other ride. What happened where you weren't able to get mounted up?
Good luck with the real estate transactions. I hope everything works out just the way you're hoping for :)