Sunday, August 19, 2012

 We had another nice walk/ride today.  I don't think John liked walking with us though.  Tonka is really slow on the way out from home.  As a matter of fact, I don't usually ride out from home because it isn't much fun.  But I've decided we're going to start working on that. 

As soon as we're on the homeward bound portion of the ride he's more like he is out on the trail, and I don't have to "drive" him as much.

It was funny, there were some round bales he wasn't sure he could pass.  They were pretty scary.  Then there was a dog that was barking on his heels, which it turned out he didn't really mind, but then there were GOATS!  I don't think he's ever seen a goat.  These were big Boer meat goats and they came rushing to the fence to see us.  After his initial head-up, snorty reaction, he walked closer to check them out.  Later there were more goats, just quietly bleating, and he thought they were pretty interesting.  Then!  Then there were LLAMAS!  And I was shocked because he didn't even care!  He's seen a llama before and ignored it that time too.  My horse is so strange...

But he's sure a nice guy.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Afraid of hay bales, but not afraid of llamas. Go figure!

I figure by having my own llamas and goats that my horse will be (hopefully) better prepared when we come upon them while out riding. But round bales are something we will never come into contact with her in New Mexico. New Mexico is not a huge hay producing state.

I love that you take Tonka out on the trails with your hubby hiking along with you. I should do that with my own hubby and kids sometimes when my friends are too busy to ride with me.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I was kind of surprised that he was that disturbed by the goats, since we used to have sheep. But maybe they're too different, or he forgot about sheep. It has been a while. It might have just been that they were huge white blobs moving quickly toward him. I never know with this horse. :)

It's fun to go hiking and riding with the family, and they really seem to enjoy it when they get a turn riding, which is something I usually can't get them to do.