Saturday, August 25, 2012

I got to go on a ride with my husband last night.  It was so relaxing.  And Scout was a very good boy again.

Tonka was a slowpoke, and then he was a spooky goofball.  He was VERY worried about a bunch of tiny birds flitting around and squeaking at each other.  I don't get him sometimes.  Later a grouse exploded up out of the brush right next to us and he kind of startled, and then just went on like nothing was the matter.

 This may sound silly, but I think the spookiness may have been a saddle fit issue.  Does it sound silly?  I really do think pain and spookiness come hand in hand with him.  He only acted like that when we were going downhill, and his back looked terrible when we got done riding.  Scout was wearing my good saddle and this other one is too narrow and settles behind his shoulders.  I may have to try the Fabtron on them again, and see which is the lesser evil. 

Don't they look happy?

I've seen lots of signs of fall.  Look at those red leaves.  I LOVE fall more than any other season.  It has an exciting sense of change and a refreshing coolness, but also inspires a lot of quiet contemplation.  It really is my season.  But it also drags behind it the nagging thought that winter is coming.

Harvest is well on its way here in the Palouse.  This field has probably been cut by now.

John took these photos last week when we went on a walk/ride together down the road.  He has a newfangled phone with a super-duper camera with all sorts of features that my camera doesn't even have.  I don't pretend to understand it.

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Linda said...

Fall is definitely my favorite season, too. It is the best time for riding--low wind, moderate temps--perfect! And the horses are at their best in fall.