Thursday, August 23, 2012

 I took Scout out to the mountains tonight.  He's a good boy. 

He thought this ditch was scary and needed to be jumped, but eventually he went through like an old pro.

Negotiating the deadfall:

This is a good pic of him, but for some reason I look bored :/

And how many young colts can you take pictures on when their ride partner is on high alert?  Tonka would have been scaring me at this point.  Well, maybe not now, but when he was Scout's age.  And maybe now...

I hope Tonka got some good exercise running around while we were gone, because I didn't ride him today.

You all have been commenting on the beautiful country around here, and I totally agree with you!  It is absolutely beautiful.  I take every opportunity to appreciate how lucky I am.  And of course anyplace is more enjoyable from horseback.  :)  There are some drawbacks to living here, like the super lush grass that is too much for my fatties, but all-in-all it's a lot like heaven on earth.  (Remind me I said that when winter hits and I'm wanting to move to Arizona.)

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