Wednesday, August 22, 2012

 Today I didn't manage to ride Scout, but I did ride them both yesterday, very briefly.

Earlier today we went to town and killed some time at the mall.  My boy is pretty stylin', is he not?  We didn't buy anything but he sure wants that hat.

Tonight as the sun was going down Tonka and I went for a ride.  We trotted up and down the road and around and around the field.  Even though we only rode for half an hour I think that was enough exercise for him for the day.  Here he's having a little snack of hawthorn berries.  Some horses just love them, and I've seen Scout and Tonka eating them lately.  I don't think Bella likes them.

In the afternoon I was going to ride Scout but he had a big welt on his back where Tonka must have bitten him, so I gave him a bath and took a bunch of pictures instead.  I think he looks rather dashing (if you ignore his fat belly).

Here's a picture of the cyst in his bad eye.  See the black bubble covering a lot of his pupil and casting a shadow on his iris?  I think maybe it can be fixed, but sometimes they come back.  And it bothers him so little I don't see good enough reason to mess with it, plus there may be other damage in his eye.  It makes me wonder if all the horses that have these corpora nigra cysts had trauma to their eye at one time.
Tomorrow I'm planning to spend more time in the saddle.  The weather is cooling off just a bit and I'm loving it!


cindy durham said...

Wonderful pics! Your son looks great in that hat. Scout does in fact look very dashing and his belly is not really that fat I don't think. But then I like more horses a little heavier.
I love your blog, and I must admit that I am jealous and envious of where you get to ride everyday.

C-ingspots said...

First time visitor, found your blog by way of Lea's blog. Beautiful horses and beautiful country. Kind of reminds me of Central Oregon...where we are hoping to move to in a few years, if things work out. Am totally jealous of where you get to ride everyday!!! I see you work for an equine dentist - I work for an equine vet, and I have a Mustang too!!