Tuesday, October 09, 2012

I've really been missing my Tonka the last couple days.  I used to say I couldn't understand people who "used to have horses."  How could you not be a horse person forever?  Or a friend of mine who had horses, but both died before their time, and she spent many years without horses before she could consider getting another.  Now I get it.

Not that I'm going to get rid of any horses at the moment.  But it's just not the same.

I love the donkeys a lot already, though.  They're so sweet and cuddly that you can't help but fall in love.  I read somewhere that horses are like cats, they can take you or leave you, but donkeys are like dogs and they love to be with you.  Definitely the case here.  Although for the most part Scout is a lot like a dog too.  But he's not at all like the donkeys.  They just love to have their whole head hugged, and lay their foreheads against your belly while you scratch their ears.  It's a very relaxing experience.

According to a book I was reading, I shouldn't be calling my boys donkeys.  You should never use the term "donkey" to refer to mammoth jacks.  Whatever.  They're not jacks, they're geldings.  I guess I could call them mammoth jackstock.  But that takes too long.  They're my sweet donkeys.  And if you've ever heard Pete Ramey say, "donkey," you'd know just how very cute that word can be.  (He has a kind of a southern accent.  Sounds like Bobby Hill.)

I moved Scout and Bella into the pasture next to the boys today.  Scout was very excited.  Bella was a little excited.  Pedro was scared.  He would do the baby mouth thing, saying, "don't hurt me," and then he'd run away.  Bob wasn't as worried.

This afternoon I took Scout to the mountains for a ride with my sister and her friend.  I wasn't really looking forward to it.  He'd been such a spaz in the pasture earlier in the day...  And he's not Tonka.

But we had a great ride!  I got out there and thought I heard a gunshot, realized I had nothing to make us stand out.  My sister loaned us a halter and a hat.  We ran into a hunter and it turns out hunting season doesn't start until tomorrow.  I'd better start decorating my stuff with blaze orange.

I think Scout looks super cute in this picture my sister took"

His chin looks funny here.  I think it's just the camera, his head isn't shaped like that.

This girl was so extremely fat I had to take her picture.  Wish I'd gotten a head-on shot.  I've seen a lot of fat cows but this one takes the cake!


Paint Girl said...

Wow that is one fat cow!!
I couldn't imagine losing a horse but I am absolutely sure it would be the worse thing ever. Hang in there.
Happy to hear you had a great ride on Scout. He is a cutie!! But the donkey's are the cutest things ever!!

Anonymous said...

Glad Scout's coming through for you and that you've got the donkeys to help out. My Pie and Dawn are more like cats, although Dawn can be very affectionate when she wants to. Red is just like a dog - loves attention and being with you.

Anonymous said...

She looks so sad, as if she is saying, "Really, its not my fault, I just love cake SO MUCH."

Snipe said...

It's hard to get a new horse when the old one was so good. I'm still dealing with that, personally.