Monday, October 08, 2012

Today I had lots of fun with the boys.  First I took Pedro up the driveway to the mailbox to send back the first Pete Ramey donkey trimming DVD.  (I joined Giddyupflix when I got these guys, 'cause I need to get educated.)  He was so good!  I wasn't sure how far we'd get because I thought he'd be upset about leaving Bob.  He didn't give a darn about that.  He was scared of the two wild mustangs galloping around acting like idiots though.  He hid behind me, and then trotted forward (rather slowly).  I convinced him he was okay and we survived the excited curiosity going on next to us.  The horses haven't been that close to the donkeys before, except the time Bella saw them.  Scout was super excited.  Our mission was accomplished, we made it to the mailbox and back.  I think it might be close to a quarter mile each way.  I'm pretty impressed with Pedro's willingness.  He wasn't as willing to go back though.  He got slower and slower as we got closer to his corral, and I really had to convince him to keep going.  I think he really enjoyed being out.

Later he got to wear a bit for the first time.  My 5" Myler snaffle bit fits perfect.  He didn't like it much though.  He'll get used to it.  This headstall fits pretty well, now that I added a much bigger throatlatch strap.

Here are the excited horses later in the day when I took both boys out for a walk:

 I think Pedro was hiding behind Bob because of the horses.  They're like zebras, their similar color makes it hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.  :)

Wandering, with Pedro first.  He doesn't seem very familiar with leading on the left side.  Bob mostly prefers to hang back a bit.  But really they were both trucking along.  I had a hard time getting far enough in front to get a picture.  And if I stopped I had two hungry donkeys thinking about grass, so it was hard to juggle a camera.

The cuteness!

They were really loath to return to their drylot, so I figured I'd give them some more things to play with.  I dragged an old tarp in there, then remembered this barrel.  I'll have to find other things for them to play with too.  And I think I'll start letting them out in the pasture for a few hours in the mornings.  I'm afraid to let them graze too much though.

 They were really curious, marched right up to check it out.  They were also pretty curious about the tarp, but they didn't touch it or walk on it.  I wonder what they did after I left.  I often find things rearranged out there, but when I'm there they stand there like a couple of duds.  I even saw them chasing each other one day, but as soon as they knew I was there, they stopped.  Just stood there and stared at me.  I'm not sure if they're trying to be secretive or just watching to see if I'm bringing food.

Oh!  I heard Bob do a nice loud bray today!  It was when I was bringing Pedro back from our walk.  He was very happy to see his friend again!  The dogs were very alarmed though.  They didn't know what made that sound. 

So, that's my donkey day.  

I don't have an update on Bella yet.  I kinda neglected her today.  Someone asked if I'd had her to a vet for her lameness, and I had to think about that one.  She's been to the vet several times for a different lameness problem, and for some other things, but nope, not for this one.  I had a couple different chiropractors check her out though.  She's an expensive pet.  I had given up on her, actually.  She was retired at the young age of 6 (having never done much work anyway) until Tonka died and I was hopeful she could be my new riding horse. I don't know if I'll take her to the vet again anytime soon.  I'm not feeling overly hopeful that she'll ever be sound.  The shoes were kind of a last-ditch effort.  With her stifle problems, even without the front end lameness, she might never make a good trail horse.  She's such a good girl though, it really is a shame.

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