Sunday, November 11, 2012

My niece came over today and we rode donkeys together in the biting cold.  It was great!  We rode around the round pen a bit, to get a handle on what exactly we had a handle on, and then we decided they were doing well enough to take them out.

They really thought circling around the round pen was fairly pointless.  Both were a lot more interested and happy once we went out and about.

 Bob says, "Can't we just leave already?"

The horses find donkey riding to be a very entertaining spectator sport.

Out and about!  Ariel and Bob are so cute together!

Me and Pedro in the front yard:

Heading back:

They almost seemed eager to get back to the pasture, which made me kind of sad.  I decided to be done.
But then when we took their tack off and led them back toward the gate they really didn't want to go.  They really do like getting out and doing things!  I love it!  Now that I know we'll do okay, I need to start doing lots more of this!  I can't wait to take them hiking in the forest and see how they take to it.  They'll be mountain mounts in no time.

Oh!  And they are SO SMOOTH to ride.  No discomfort whatsoever.  If you have a bad back, you need a donkey!  Also, at one point, out of the blue, John pushed a rattly lawnmower along behind us in the gravel.  If we'd been riding horses they would have spooked.  But Pedro just kind of gave it a bit more attention and thought and kept on going.  I didn't see any reaction out of Bob.  I love them!  So much!


Paint Girl said...

So happy to see you enjoying your donkeys!! They do look like so much fun and being that cute? Yeah they are keepers!

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