Sunday, January 13, 2013

 Dan and I had fun wandering the property today.  He snorts and worries a lot, but he was a lot better today than yesterday. 

He got to meet Pedro up close.  But then he made his nasty mare face and I didn't want to be near him when he decided to squeal and strike, so we went and did something else.

Sweet boy.

Saddled up again as the sun disappeared.  Played a lot with jiggling and smacking the saddle and stirrups, then worked on giving to the bit and walking up to the mounting block.  I really wanted to climb on, and felt like we would have had a nice ride if I did, but my helmet was in the car and I wasn't going to go get it.  By that time I was pretty frozen anyway, and I was ready to go in.
Dan doesn't ground tie.  He thinks it's stupid.  :)

I still think he might have a minor lameness issue.  It worries me.  But I still have a week before the 2 week trial period is up so I'm going to keep working with him and watching how he moves.  Maybe I'll be able to feel a difference too, when I'm in the saddle.


Paint Girl said...

That Pedro is just too cute!! Love him.
I sure hope Dan doesn't have any serious lameness issue! He seems like such a good boy and I really want him to work out for you!

arlene said...

"Dan doesn't ground tie. He thinks it's stupid." lol..

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ground tying does seem pretty stupid when you really think about it. lol!

I really wish you'd have found the opportunity to get up on his back just once. Dan seems like a very nice boy.

And hey..I have a mare, and she can make some nasty mare faces...but I've seen a lot of nasty gelding faces, too! lol!