Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yesterday my sister came over and watched Dan move, and I watched him move as she worked with him.  We both think he's not lame at all.  Anything that looks a little funny is just due to him being uncoordinated when thinking naughty thoughts.  Which is a big relief.  It was windy and cold yesterday, so we didn't stay out long.

Today I am getting sick and I'm going to baby myself.  I'd prefer if I could take it easy today and feel better, and not be sick at work this week.  I can watch some horsey videos to keep me motivated.  I have a Julie Goodnight video on bitting and a Wendy Murdock video on rider position.  I might do a little sewing while I watch.  I need to make a rice bag to use as a heat pack on Pedro's neck.  That big seroma (nasty swollen skin pocket filled with serum) is still there.  I really want it to go away!

So...  That's about it for today.  Sorry, no pictures.


Paint Girl said...

Great news on Dan!! Definitely a youngster thing, being uncoordinated and all!! lol!
Hope you are feeling better and don't get too sick! I have been lucky and have not been sick in almost a year. That has surprised me. But I don't work anymore and am hardly out in the public so I am never around any germs!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I've discovered that once we have had a horse with lameness issues, we always look for lameness in other horses.....

I hope you feel better. I've come down to a cold, too. No fun :(