Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I guess I  took a bit of a break from blogging.  I haven't been a complete slacker though.  

I got a new pair of boots.  They're okay.  Ariat heritage something or other.  After traveling all over the region looking, I went back to the local second hand shop and got these for half the price of new, and they can't have been worn more than a couple times.  

Bella and I have been riding & playing in the bad weather over the last few days.  Today we were big and brave and we rode up the scary part of the driveway:
Here she's asking me if I'm sure this is a good idea.

 Blue likes horse treats.  I had to tell him to get out from under my horse at one point when he thought I'd dropped one.

Random happycat.  This is our office cat at work.  He's pretty cool.

One of the hospitalized cats decided to panic and attack me the other day.  My left arm looks just lovely.  I thought the deepest bite was going to get infected but I took good care of it and it turns out the pain and swelling were just a nasty bruise forming.  Cats are weird.

Bella and I had a nice hike around the property the other day, checking out the water levels in the ponds.  She loves water.  She's like a moose, looking for good things to eat there.

 We found a couple really cool feathers.  I don't know what kind of bird they're from but we do have a couple resident hawks.  Could be pheasant or turkey.
We completed our video for the WHBA level one Equine Good Citizen certificate.  I have to figure out where to post it for the judges.  And of course the weather was terrible and our attire was just as bad.  But Bella has started to shed!  Spring is coming!

You can check out the video if you like, but you'll want to mute it.  I forgot to edit the sound out and it was windy.  (I hope it shows up here - having a bit of trouble with it.)

It shows her being haltered (twice), standing tied for a full minute (boring), being held by someone else (this is required to show she can be handled by someone else) while I pick up her feet, walking over poles, backing at least 8 feet in a straight line (mostly straight), rubbing with a towel or other object from poll to point of hip, walking a figure 8 around two cones or other markers (I chose to show she can be led from both sides).  Some of these were optional.  The only one I didn't do was fly spray.  I was not about to have anything to do with spraying liquids in that cold wind.  And I don't know where my fly spray is, or if I even have any.  It's not really fly season after all.  Anyway, I think we'll pass, but we won't get any extra points for being pretty.  Do you see anything that doesn't look good?  I could always re-shoot the video, maybe even in nicer weather.  :)

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Cindy D. said...

Well drat! I can't open the video from this computer. I will have to check it out from home.
Bella looks great, love her with the feathers. Like a real honest to goodness wild pony...oh wait, she was already one of those once before! lol
I am such a wuss, I just can't bring myself to ride outside when it is cold. I hate it. I don't know how you do it.