Sunday, February 24, 2013

I've gotta run and get a big load of hay pretty soon here, but I thought I'd check in here on the blog real quick.

I've been working too much, unfortunately.  I was hoping to cut back by one day, but then someone else gave their notice and now I have no idea what's up.  I'll probably end up working more. 

Yesterday I ran out of work as soon as I could, not hanging around to chit-chat after the doors were closed.  Since it was Saturday I still had some daylight left.  I was a slug for a while, then I went outside and found some stuff to do.  Loved on the donkeys and horses, then remembered I needed to re-dig a ditch.  The water had made its own new course and was just pouring into my pasture.  Now it's going into the pond like it's supposed to.  No thanks to Scout, who thought he had to oversee the operation VERY up close and personal.  I finally had to chase him off, I couldn't pitch the mud off my shovel with his face in it.

Bella was pretty impressed with my handiwork:

She's a good girl.

Alright, off I go.  Work to do, and sunshine.  Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

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