Monday, February 25, 2013

Look who rode yesterday!

 They had a lot of fun.

 Until Liam decided he was freezing to death.  I hope he keeps up this sudden interest.

 After he went in, Bella and I rode for quite a while.

We went up the hill several times.  I think it will help condition her, and maybe help with her stifles.  She thinks it kinda sucks, but she's getting stronger all the time. 

Looking down:

The dead aspens at the top.  I think my neighbor's ag pilot sprays them when he's going over their fields.  Pisses me off, but what can I do...  Some of them are still alive.  I think I'm going to transplant some of the babies this year.

I'm on the run again - got stuff to do!


Cindy D. said...

Cool pics, I wish my son would ride with me more.
Bella looks great! I wonder if some clogs would help her too?

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I was kind of thinking about that too. Wonder if they have anyone in this area...

Ha! I just looked and one of their certified trimmers is a friend of mine. She's not a farrier yet though.

That may be the next thing I try - some sort of corrective shoeing. I'm going to wait until the winter is mostly gone though.

arlene said...

Liam looks like a natural. I hope he keeps his interest up. My oldest son was a great little rider, but he lost interest