Saturday, March 09, 2013

just for fun...

Which one of these horses do you like best?  And why?  I only looked at the geldings.  I really like #1399.  1542 is nice but there's something about his nostrils that doesn't seem right. My favorite might be 1691.  But he's black...  1788 is nice except in the wall-eyed picture.  And the last horse is really nice, if he would grow a bit more and level out.  I think I'd pick him.  I'm pretty sure the ones that say they're from Havasu are really not, it must be a typo. Why would they bring horses to Oregon from Arizona when they already have plenty in Oregon?


Anonymous said...

1788 would be my choice. He looks like a sensible, nice mover. I noticed that they said these horses were from Arizona, and captured in Oregon. What's that all about? Good luck. I hope you find the right horse soon.

Cindy D. said...

Of the 4 you listed I do like 1788 the best, but I did like 1542 very much as well.
When I looked at the rest the two that stood out to me were 1536 and the mare 1056. It could just be that they were older (4) and better developed. When starting a mustang I don't know how much age factors in to trainability.
The other 2 I also liked were the gelding 1923, because if he grows into that head he is going to be a big boy, and also 1731 for the same reason.
I suspect though that you are much better at picking out Mustangs than I ever would be. I have seen the pictures of Tonka when you adopted him, and he didn't look like that much to me, but then do you recall the first comment I ever posted on your blog?
I said, "Wow, Tonka is sure the right name for him." He was so big and solid. So you were obviously able to see him for who he was going to be instead of the skinny little thing he looked like (to me anyways) at the adoption.
No chance of adoption for you yet huh?

Anonymous said...

Of the geldings, 1542 was my favorite - plain package, which I like, and very nice uphill movement - but then he's older than most of the others.

1957 also caught my fancy - very robust with large legs and feet.

Linda said...

#1399--I like his eyes, calm and relaxed--widely set apart. And his body looks good, too.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I like 1399 and 1923 the best.


Lea and her Mustangs said...

Well my opinion would be #1798. I really like the looks of him. Why would being black be held against him. He is gorgeous in my eyes and the white black socks - If I was looking at another horse I would pick him if I wanted a gelding but you know I prefer mares. Hes a looker for sure. That is my opinion and it costs what it cost to read this. Really miss you. I think I may have found an arena in Rockford to use for free. I will have to go look at it. Hope you get to go and find another horse to love.

froglander said...

I don't think they've updated these pics in awhile, so who knows how many more pretty ponies are potentially available :)

What age are you looking for?

1399 - This one is cute, but he kinda looks like he ties in a bit below the knee.

1542 - This guy looks nice and stout, a compact little power house. Would be interesting to see what he looks like a little more relaxed, with the jazzed up look and the upright neck it seems overdeveloped near wear it ties into the chest?

1691 - I think this guy is cute. Not sure what to say about him conformation-wise. He's listed as a yearling, but was gathered in 2011, so guessing he's nearly 2 now? Would be interesting to see if he's grown.

1788 - He's cute, but for some reason his face just doesn't grab me, something about his expression. But you've dealt with more mustangs than I have so you'd likely have a better idea about that sort of thing :)

Good luck! Take lots of pics when you go.

arlene said...

I have been eyeing up 1399 for awhile now. If I was healthy I'd give him a go. I agree with Linda, he was a very kind face. Intelligent looking and good form.