Saturday, March 09, 2013

Well, as much fun as it was to look at that tiny sampling of horses at the Burns corrals, I have decided not to go look at the real thing.  I really agonized over it.  I have lots of reasons not to go and not enough reasons to go.  The biggest reason to cancel the trip is that I think it would cause too much heartache, finding a horse I absolutely have to have, and not being able to take him home.  I'll have to save up for a while and just go take the trailer later.  Or hope they schedule an adoption somewhere near me.  Meanwhile, I do have plenty of equines to play with here, and I am keeping an eye on the local ads in case the perfect horse shows up there.  I'd probably go to the weekly livestock auction if I didn't have to work on that day.

In other news, I helped with a kitty c-section today.  I have never had the pleasure of having anything to do with brand new kittens or puppies - all my critters have been spayed or neutered.  So it was fun but kind of daunting, the job of quickly removing the kittens from the (surgically removed) uterus and stimulating them enough to bring them to life.  All three lived, and they were so tiny and cute!

The little fuzzball on the right is the one that was born normally, 33 hours before its siblings were brought into the world.

Last night I got to assist while a poor unfortunate horse got his nose fixed.  He'd torn a hole completely through his nostril, about 3 inches long.  It required 3 layers of sutures to put it back together.  Poor guy.  We got an update today that he's doing fine and keeping it nice and clean.  Luckily he's one of those horses who doesn't like to get dirty.  My whole upper body is a little sore from holding his head up so the doctor didn't have to stand on her head to get the sutures in, and then holding his head down (as much as I could) when he started to wake up and protest.  But it was well worth the effort and the soreness.

Time to set the clocks forward!  I am so excited to have more daylight in the evenings!

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Cindy D. said...

Well that kind of sucks, but you were probably right not to put yourself through "that" until the timing is right. It'll come for you though and the payoff will be huge. I just know it.

When I was a teenager I worked for my step-dad in Az who was a small animal vet. I was very fortunate to be allowed to help with C-sections quite often. It was very cool to see those little lives come about.