Monday, April 08, 2013

 Pedro is my sweetie.  He deserves some facetime too.
 His glorious ears!

Bob was jealous but he doesn't love me, he loves Pedro.

Everybody loves Pedro.  How could you not?
Today I learned that a donkey CAN lunge.  Slowly.  And he learned that it's a lot easier to give to pressure than to pull on it.  And he insisted that we stop at the horse trailer.  I'm not sure whether he wanted me to saddle him up or what.  I just groomed him really well.  Then we walked back, with much stubbornness on his part because he didn't want to be done playing.  I put him away but then he talked me into taking him out again.  He loves to get out and about.

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Paint Girl said...

I love Pedro too! He is just too darn cute. I am sure he enjoyed his time out!!