Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Today did not go as planned.  It was absolutely beautiful out, I had plans for lots of fun with the equines, and they really needed it in preparation for being hauled to the vet on Saturday for coggins and health certificates.  (We need those to cross state lines and I live right on the state line and do a lot of riding in Washington.)  But my boss texted me at 4am (I thought I was dreaming and ignored the sound my phone made) and then called me at 7 and I ended up working half the day and doing household chores the other half.  Dishes, sorted recyclables, filled troughs, did laundry, moved some hay bales, got my trailer hitched up, made dinner, picked my son up in town, etc.  Just everyday stuff.  None of it is hard but it gets harder when it's all rushed and squished into too little time.

The work part really sucked.  I had to clean up a literal shitstorm from a parvo dog that got out of his kennel.  Yay.  I spent 3 to 4 hours today cleaning up shit from one dog.  I kid you not. The upside of that is that the parvo dog is going to be okay, which makes me happy.  He's cute and sweet.  But I'm glad he's not my dog.  I think he's going to have separation anxiety issues.

Just before it got dark I found time to practice trailer loading with Joseph.  He was a champ.  I let him eat his yummy supplements in there as a reward.  I'll keep at it the rest of the week and at least he will be a good boy.  Scout will probably be a turd though.

I'm having a hard time not being angry about the hours I've been working.  It's not like anyone plans it that way, it's emergency stuff that comes up.  But it seems like somehow there should be a better way.  There isn't though, and I need to suck it up and accept it.  I can't really ask them to cut my hours back right now.  I just need to find a way to balance work and the things I expect of myself on my days off.  I am not willing to give up my time with my horse, and my kids have a lot going on that I need to be there for.  I would like to have a garden this year, and the grass needs mowed, and my house is a pigsty.  Not sure where I'm supposed to find the energy to get it all done.  I guess I have to accept that it's not all going to get done.  I'm still not giving up my horse time though. 


Marissa Rose said...

I know what you mean about hours sucking, and nothing to do about it. I'm a nanny, so sometimes I work ridiculous hours (12 hours a day for days on end) which makes it so tough to see horsies, but I can't exactly tell them I can't watch their kid! Right now I'm in a slump though, they only need me a few hours and it's tough to ask for more when they just don't need it!

Keechy said...

Like i told my sis when she was working a lot of hours and the home was getting out of hand, pay someone else to come do your cleaning, and even your gardening. Some of these jobs won't let you do less hours, but you can use the money from working more there to pay someone to do the hours you still need to do at home. She has a house cleaner now and it has made such a difference to their lives!