Friday, June 07, 2013

Earlier this year there had been the possibility of a mustang adoption this weekend, so I arranged to have today and tomorrow off from work.  The adoption isn't happening but I'm still going to enjoy myself.  I'd thought of going on a trip out into the mountains, packing all my gear and staying a night or two, which would work whether my horse was saddle broke or not, because I have legs too.  But that didn't work out either.  There are too many reasons not to go, and not enough reasons to go.  Some of those reasons are wolves.  One reason that surprised me was that I think I'm afraid of camping with my horses again.  The last time I did, I lost my Tonka.  I'll be smarter next time, but next time isn't here yet.  More reasons - some of my family wanted to come along, but not all of them.  Can't leave the kids home alone, so there you go.

Anyway - today I took Joseph out to explore some new trails.  We had fun.

In the deep, dark woods:

You might not believe the number of pictures I took trying to get a good shot of this bluebell over a little creek.  Obviously I wasn't successful, but it sure was pretty in person.

Love, on a forest trail:

My flash was on, so this one looks kind of unreal, but he's still handsome:

Before we went, we had some excellent entertainment.  Three-way tug o' war.  :)

Tomorrow we're going to ride in the vicinity of the hike we took today.  Of course I'll be riding Scout, not Joseph.  There appear to be a LOT of trails out there.  Hope we don't get lost. 


Snipe said...

Do you plan to pony Joseph? It's fun to hear of your adventures with him. He seems curious and interested in what's going on.

Paint Girl said...

Joseph always looks so relaxed out in the wilderness! Yes, he has his ears forward and is very alert, but he seems so mellow! I wish I would have gotten Chance out more when she was younger. I will definitely make sure I get Flirt and Rio out more then I did with Chance!
And I am still so sad about Tonka. I am sure it has to be so hard for you to do something with your horse when something so terrible happened to one of yours, doing something you loved to do. :(

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Snipe, Scout isn't experienced enough yet to pony another horse. But if I ride him more often it won't take long. He needs more confidence and I need to teach him to neck rein and get him off my leg! He tends to be dull.

PG, I usually wait until his ears are forward to take a pic, and usually I have to do something stupid to get him to perk up. He really is pretty relaxed in the woods.