Saturday, June 08, 2013

I went on a most excellent trail ride with my sister and my niece for my birthday.  Beautiful trail, kept up well with no serious obstacles.  The uphill side was narrow on a steep hill, but enclosed in trees the whole way, and the downhill side was easy peasy on a 4 wheeler track.  Happily, we didn't see any motorized vehicles.  Just some guys on mountain bikes and they were very courteous.  We didn't see any wolves either.  That's a plus.  There are more and more stories about wolves in the mountains here, and some of them make me nervous.  As we were leaving the trailhead where some people were camped, a lady hurried up behind us to tell us they'd had a wolf in camp last night, trying to lure out their dogs.  It went away after they fired a gun.  Glad they didn't shoot it.  I have nothing against wolves, in fact they were my favorite animal and I did a lot of research on them in high school.  But I don't want to meet a pack of them out in the wilderness when I'm on the back of a prey animal with a dog along.  My sister did see some bear poop.  Scout didn't even know it was there, I guess being domestic born, he doesn't care about bear poop?  I thought all horses knew bear poop was scary.

Anyway, Scout was pretty awesome.  I told John I'm going to steal his horse.  He said that'd be fine until tomorrow, when I come in saying, "Your horse!" after he does something naughty.  Really though.  I am going to take ownership of that horse.  I don't mean in the material sense, I mean... well, he's my creation in a way.  Granted, he has his own personality that's all his, but he was born in my lap and I am the person he's had the most contact with.  I should own what he is and build a partnership with him instead of foisting him off on John and complaining about his annoying ways.  He's a good horse.  A very good horse.  Instead of me expecting him to be something he's not and always finding fault, he just needs more life experience and a person who's with him and cheering him on. That's the kind of partnership we had today, and it was good.

On our way in we had to wait for the free range horses to get off the road.  You don't see that very often.  Look closely through my filthy windshield and you'll see the adorable little red dun colt blocking the way.

That's my niece on her big ol' paint horse:

Scout's head is cocked in the most adorable way here.  I think he saw my sister's dog off to the left.

I always thought Scout and Cowboy would make good friends.  They've both got that goofus doofus playful thing going on.  I was right, they like each other.  I'd love to turn them loose together and watch them play.

 It was very nice in the cool forest on this hot day.

On the home stretch:

That last mile was the longest Forest Service mile ever.

When we got home I let Scout graze in the front field.  He stuck with us in the shade for a while and then went exploring.  
It was a long and tiring day, but in the best way!  I can't wait to get out there again, on my new good horse.


Cindy D. said...

Looks like a lovely ride. What a good boy Scout is!

Erin said...

start icing his feet now - and there is a supplement you can give to help with founder - it has a lot of magnesium in it.
Unrestricted grain binges, such as when a horse breaks into the feed room (if this happens, do not wait until symptoms develop to call your veterinarian-- call immediately so corrective action can be taken before tissue damage progresses) (taken from
There are also some meds the vet can prescribe to help ward off the attack, or make it shorter :( Lami prone equids are such a worry. I really hope he doesnt founder again