Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I am late posting, as usual, and too tired to write much.

Moved them on to new pasture:

Bella's birdie flying away:

I bought a new saddle.  With a broken tree.  Just a little crack in the middle:

But if you look where the stirrup feeds through, it's completely broken.

Perfect for saddling a youngster.  Looks stupid, slipped back, but for training purposes it works.

Poor Scout has to really work to be next to his mama sometimes.

It looks serious but 30 seconds later Bella and Scout were grooming each other while Joseph stood alone.  He just isn't as persistent as Scout.

We had a lovely visit on my friend's farm.

Liam and I both fell in love with her bottle lamb.

Blue Dog:

Looking for his distant herd:


Bella says, "What'cha doing?"

Joseph, showing his playful inquisitive side.  Scooching it under him:
(Blue is sure that horse is being naughty.)

Well scooched:

Backing up to play some more:

Poor Blue really would like to put an end to this but he's been told to "leave it."

Blue's disgusted, can't watch anymore, just has to leave.

Curiosity satisfied.

I wish I'd had time to hang out and play with all three of them again today, but had work and then a baseball game.  Maybe tomorrow.  :)


shadowlake2005 said...

Love Joseph's playful side!

Cindy D. said...

How did I miss this post?? Oh wait, I know, I was driving that day.

Anyway, Joseph being so cute. And Bella, always has her nose in the camera doesn't she? I'm starting to think it is a mare thing. Sassy is that way, and Marissa's Pony is the same way too.
I loved the look on Blue's face, obviously we know who the police are on your farm!

Aren't herd dynamics funny? Killian and Sassy fence fight with each other constantly when in their runs, but once they are out and about, they are best friends. There was a time when Sassy wouldn't even let him anywhere near the rest of the horses.

Those are great pics, I'm sorry you are so tired. I feel your pain, hopefully you can get a day or two off soon.