Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another good day

I slept in this morning, it was nice.  Then I went out to feed the donkeys and trim Bob's hooves.

Pedro was hungry.  I need to get a better picture, he is looking nice now that he's mostly shed out.

I only got two of Bob's hooves done because my sister called in the middle of it, wondering if we wanted to go riding/hiking.  I couldn't talk Katia into it but John and Liam were game.

 Here are my son and my nephew, waiting on us slow horse folk.  Tristan and his dad brought their motorized rides, John, Liam, and Sierra hiked, and Amy, Ariel and I rode.  It worked out pretty well although I think the guys on their machines ended up waiting around a lot.

Here's Scout all ready to go.

He worried a bit about being left behind today, but other than that it was a good ride.  He's beginning to neck rein.

Never can get a good pic of the forest.  Need a real camera...

 Heading down the trail

Up above, in sunnier country:
Liam had petered out and rode to the end on the back of the four wheeler, so it was just Sierra and John hiking to the last.

 Here at the end Scout was kinda tired.  I just set my reins on my saddle horn and relaxed.  Played around a bit with steering with my legs, which worked unless he was overly distracted.  Mostly he just went down the trail without any input from me, but he was also enjoying rubbing up against the brush on the sides of the trail.  I wonder if it feels good because he's hot and itchy?  I really don't think he had any ideas about brushing me off.
I think maybe I ought to stick with evening rides.  I'm so tired by the time we're done that I'm worthless for the rest of the day.  Doesn't help that I got overheated.  I don't know how the hikers did it!  I hiked one stretch - the one very steep part - and I got too hot.  But I never have done well in the heat.

Anyway, I'm off now to drink more coffee and try to be more productive.  I have more hooves to trim, darn it!

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American Girl said...

That sounds fun! I just came back from summer camp and I hiked five miles in the morning, plus another half mile(at the very least) at night. It was actually pretty fun because I love hiking and being outdoors, but my feet hurt at the end!