Monday, July 15, 2013


Today I trimmed Bob's hinds, Scout (all 4) and Joseph's fronts.  Then I caught Bella to put fly spray on her.  She didn't appreciate it as much as she should have, considering how she was plagued by horseflies.

The rest of the morning was dedicated to helping my son clean his room.  He hasn't cleaned it all summer.  Oh, the things I've seen...  I did find one of my missing spoons though!

Laundry is never-ending and takes a while since we're mostly hanging stuff out on the line to dry.  No sense using propane, and I love the smell of sun-dried laundry.  I also enjoy hanging it out unless I'm in a hurry.  Then I did some dishes.  Random fact of the day - we don't have a dishwasher.  I forget how weird that is in this day and age.  I don't miss it at all.  Never had a dishwasher that worked all that well anyway.  Wouldn't mind having one to sterilize milk pails, if I had a milk cow.  But I don't.

Went to the chiropractor - much needed. Took forever since he had a "talker" in there before me.  I could hear the guy through the door - he was seriously good at telling a story.  Couldn't tell what he was saying but his inflection and tone were pretty engaging.

Meant to go grocery shopping but that didn't work out.  At least I got milk.

Spent the rest of the afternoon feeling a little icky (allergies, I think), then did more laundry and started mowing one of the pastures.  Strangely, I was actually enjoying mowing.  Normally it's so mind-numbingly boring doing circles in such a big areas.  I'm hoping that maybe if I get the trefoil mowed down the grass will take over again.  Doubtful, but worth a try. I also have some really weedy areas I need to knock down before they go to seed.  Fun, fun, fun.  Need to remember to pick up more diesel for the tractor and some grease.

The garden is doing well. So far we've enjoyed spinach, turnip and beet greens, zucchini, and three cherry tomatoes.  I have a picture on my phone but I forgot my phone out on the tractor.  It's time to pickle the beets but I am so not ready!  Another thing I need to do tomorrow - find and wash all my jars.

So, now you see why I don't blog every day.  Pretty tedious stuff.

Anyone know of a good complete feed (for an old donkey) that isn't too concentrated?  Thinking of senior feed for Bob this winter.  Would be nice to add some "filler" so he gets more than a tiny scoop of Equine Senior.  I'm not against beet pulp but part of me wouldn't mind skipping the soaking this winter.  Soybean hulls?  Wish they sold chopped hay in bags, rather than just pellets or cubes.  He still has teeth, they just don't work very well and I don't want him to choke.

Enough of my rambling!  To bed!


American Girl said...

I'm sure glad to know that I'm not the only one without a dishwasher! You sound like you've been busy these past few days.

Keechy said...

Wow, we mostly all feed chopped hay here, we call it chaff. It's a great way to fill out a feed to last them longer. Mind you our hay here is nearly all cereal hay like oaten or wheaten, and it makes great chaff.