Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

I put Pedro and Scout in a pasture together tonight.  I've been having thoughts of ponying my Pedro, but these two have never even lived together, so I didn't know if they'd fight when I was trying to go somewhere, or what.

Scout took charge of the situation right away, which I was happy to see.  I didn't want Pedro grabbing hold of him again and scaring me.

When I went to catch them I wasn't sure, but I thought Scout positioned himself between me and Pedro.  Didn't take long and I was certain that Scout had decided Pedro was HIS donkey and he wasn't going to give him up. 

There was a lot of fancy-pants running around, back and forth, with me trailing.  I got my exercise.  But so did they, and that's good for all of us.  (By the way, I think Scout is looking more fit after all of our riding lately.)

In the end they were both caught (Scout first, surprisingly) and we went for a walk to the barn.  I didn't know if they'd get along at close quarters, but they did fine.  Pedro got ahead of Scout at one point and that made him (Pedro) feel unsafe, but if I kept him slightly behind he was great, and didn't try to bite.

 I've been down in the dumps, tired, and cranky for a couple days but I fell much better now.  These guys make me happy!

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American Girl said...

I love that last picture of you three!