Monday, July 01, 2013

Fun Weekend

We sure haven't been gathering any moss lately.  My mom called me last week and asked if we wanted to come out to her friend's floating house over the weekend.  Of course we did!

I love this photo of my grandpa - he's showing Liam how to make his hair even messier.  Henry looks confused...

My kid is definitely a water spirit.  We joke that he'll probably grow up to be a beach bum.  If he does, he'll be happy.

Katia hates having her picture taken, so I have to be sneaky.

My mom's really good at getting the boat through the tiny gap.

Liam stayed the night out there on the water, lucky kid.  I drove home to feed and Katia opted to come with me so she could sleep in since her brother wasn't there.  He gets up early lately.

The next morning after I'd thoroughly watered the gardens, we went back out.  Liam and Henry were canoeing.

We opted to bring Winston with us so he wouldn't chew anything up at home.  Couldn't leave dogs outside, it's too hot.  I learned a lot about Winston that day.  He is a good dog!  He didn't try to wander off, he was gentle with my mom's small dogs (intimidated by them, actually), and he was really sweet to everyone.  My grandpa really likes him.  He's a good dog to take places, unlike the growly Aussies (who are still my favorites, truth be told).

Contemplating eating a blade of grass:

Cuteness, and the weird metal thing looks like he's making the same face.

More water contemplation.  He really enjoyed looking at the water.  I wonder if he could see fish?

Who knew?  Winston is an angel!

Getting ready to fish.  Poor Henry had to help him with his worm.  I don't impale worms.
He caught some inedible fish, and two small bass - too small to keep.  Then we packed up and headed home with our sunburns.  Ouch.  I have to admit, my sunburn was intentional - my legs won't tan if they don't burn.  They may not tan anyway.  But I thought I'd give it a try.  I went a little overboard though and ended up sitting on the couch all evening with a cool, wet pillowcase on my legs.  They throb. 

In equine related news, Pedro got out yesterday and gave me a terrible scare.  He spilled the chicken food, maybe ate some, and grazed on grass for who knows how long.  I was sure he'd colic and I'm still sure he'll founder, the question is just how bad it's going to be.  He didn't colic, thank goodness.  I gave him a full tube of Probios yesterday and I think I'll follow it again with more.

We're starting to get our hay storage areas cleaned up.  It's amazing how much of a mess I can make in a year.  But it cleans up pretty quickly.  I expect I'll be hearing soon that my hay is ready to pick up.  Yuck.  I am so out of shape.  Doesn't help that it's really stinkin' hot and I'm allergic to hay.  I might hire some teenagers to help out a little.


American Girl said...

Sounds like you had fun last weekend. it turns out I also got burned because I swam in my pool almost all of Thursday(here the temperature has been 105+ all week, so I stayed inside blogging most of the day. Well, have a good day!

Cindy D. said...

Looks like great fun, and I am glad Pedro is ok so far. Keeping my fingers crossed that he didn't eat too much bad stuff.

The Dancing Donkey said...

I hope Pedro is OK. Looks like a fun time.

I don't know if you do these award things, but I have nominated you if you would like it.