Sunday, July 28, 2013

Taking it Slow

I don't get much time off this week, and I've been feeling pretty sick, so I've been moving real slow and trying not to do too much.

This morning Scout and Pedro got some play time together again.

This afternoon I let Joseph check out a fly sheet while I fixed a few insulators on the fence.

Then he had to wear the killer fly sheet.  It scared him.  I figure it's a good desensitization exercise, since it kind of hugs him all over and he can't get away from it.  Unfortunately it's too small for him to wear for long.

Bella has big beautiful eyes.

Scout wanted a bite of the sheet.  Joseph didn't put up with that for long.

I took off Joseph's sheet and decided to have a lie down in the pasture.   Scout thought maybe I had treats in my pocket.

Then he finally took a bite of the fly sheet and just about turned me upside down.  Butthead.

The only thing this photo is lacking is a unicorn in the light on the right.  :)

Crazy-cool spiderweb.

Oh!  I also made huckleberry jam today.  Yum!  I want to pick lots of berries and make lots of preserves to give out for gifts.  Might even try adding ginger or jalapeno to some.  Not to the huckleberry though. :)


American Girl said...

I always love your posts, and I think it is quite funny that Scout want the fly sheet. :)

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Good pictures Andrea. Bob would like to order 5 of those tie thingys he has been promoting that you tie. Would that be possible.?

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Thank you, American Girl! Scout really is pretty entertaining. And sometimes annoying. :)

Lea, I'd be happy to. I'm working a lot this week but I'll try to get it done soon.