Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All Together!

Yesterday I had a lot of fun with my beasties, and I took way too many pictures.

First I put Scout and Pedro together to play, then I thought, "What the heck," and put Joseph in with them.

Joseph says, "What kind of ugly horse ARE you?"  Pedro would prefer if Joseph keep his unkind thoughts to himself.

Then Bob was feeling really left out, so I went and got him.  The lead rope slipped off my arm as I was closing the gate and he thought he had really gotten away with something as he hurried off to join his buddy.

A gaggle of goofs:

Bob could use a date with the clippers.  I think he's got some Poitou in his background.

After that I figured there's no time like the present, so I let Bella in too.  I had been concerned about how she'd treat the donkeys because she really didn't like my sister's mules.  Turns out it's no big deal.

 My first photo ever of everyone together.

I often feel bad for Pedro when Bob latches on to his neck and won't let go.  But then Pedro gets all annoying and does stuff like this and I figure he's asking for it.

They formed 3 distinct groups.  Bella and Joseph, Bob and Pedro, and Scout.  Scout was kind of a peripheral member of the jackass group.  He figures they're his buddies, but he grazed alone a lot too.

 Beautiful, Wonderful Bella honored me by leaving Joseph and making me part of the Bella and Andrea group for a while:

Later on Scout discovered the trough in this pasture was dry.  He's a dork.

 So I hosed him down really well, gave him a drink, and tied him up for a couple hours to dry.

 Blue thinks life is just dandy, all the time.

Joseph and Bob made friends really quickly!  Bella was extremely jealous.  She'd try to get Joseph's attention and when that wouldn't work she'd run in between them, squealing and fake-kicking.  They'd calmly walk a few feet away and start grooming each other again.

I caught Scout being handsome instead of dorky for once.

In the evening we went on a short ride on Gold Hill, through some old mines.  Here's a tumbledown old shack we found.  Just after this Scout got stung by a bee.  The bees in the forest are BAD right now.  He was fine though, and he didn't buck or have a fit, just shook his head a lot.

I have even more pictures, but they're not horse related and I'll save them for later.


Kate said...

Great photos, and glad the introductions went so well - love that Joseph and Bob are now friends.

American Girl said...

Love the photos! Your horses are beautiful! It's great that they are becoming friends with Pedro and Bob.

Keechy said...

Awww, Joseph and Bob are the old souls. :)

Cindy D. said...

Finally get to do some catching up. I have to say I love the pics in the last post. Something about how soft they all are. Love it!

I like what Keechy said about Joseph and Bob...and that is a wicked cool pic of Joseph!

I wish I could put all my horses together.