Thursday, August 01, 2013

Random stuff

Firstly, I got a new tire for the trailer for $30!  Yay for Craigslist!  I'll be out on the trail again in no time.

And now for some garden pics, just because it's so fun to find food in my own yard.

Squash!  And yes, we have too much zucchini.

 Brussels sprouts are weird looking.  I didn't realize they grew in the "armpits" of the plant.  :)

A different type of sprout.  It's a rare day when I get a natural looking picture of Liam.  He's usually irritated that I'm taking his picture.  Here he's soliloquizing about something or other.

Sugar snap peas a bit over-done:

My meager carrot crop.  I don't know what went wrong there, but oh well.  Next year I'm going to plant a sweeter variety.  These tasted a little like soap.  My Grampa's carrots were so much better when I was a kid, and it turns out it's because he planted sweet ones.

There's a tiny little red tomato in my garden with my name on it.  I think I'll go find it.  :)


Snipe said...

It seems like it would be so rewarding to grow your own vegetables. I'd like to give it a shot someday.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

It really is! And frustrating too. We lost most of our beets to voles and all of our turnips to tiny worms. I need to find a chemical-free way to fix that next year. Can't wait to see how the potatoes do. We planted blue and red ones. :)

The Dancing Donkey said...


American Girl said...

Looks delicious! I heard you mention to Snipe that animals got to some of your crops. A family friend owns a garden like yours, and he laid chicken wire more than a foot under the soil, as well as some to encircle the garden. He says it keeps rodents out.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Thanks for the tip!