Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I'm happy to report that Joseph has an uncomplicated mouth.  Everything is pretty much on the level, with just some minor ridges, sharp points, and the two wolf teeth that needed to come out.  Even though only one of his canines has come in, he has all of his other adult teeth, so she agreed with the BLM that he is likely 5 years old.

In the stocks:

Horses have weird mouths.

Problems pointed out:

Sleeping it off:

I made myself go to the doctor today, too.  My feeling like I'm going to pass out is indeed allergies.  I'm supposed to double my allergy meds and start a new one.  Joy.  I sure as heck hope it works though!  And I'd imagine I can go back to my normal routine once whatever it is that I'm allergic to dies off for the year.

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American Girl said...

Wow! They do have weird teeth. Must have something to do with grinding forage. Well, I hope your allergies go away soon. If you are interested in natural stuff, I found a post about it on a health blog: