Monday, August 12, 2013

Just Hangin' with my Homies

Every day now I put Pedro out and bring him back in, and everyone else lives together 24/7.  It's fun to spend time with everyone all in the same area. Pedro came back with me with no halter one day, and found this fun game all laid out for him.  Sadly, I hadn't planned the game and there was nothing under any of the buckets.

I love the way my ass looks in the evening light. :)

Brotherly love:

Bob's sweet face.  I wonder if the grey blaze is an age thing or if he's always had it.

I love the way my ass looks in the morning light, too.

Sweet face.  If you look hard (click to enlarge) you can see Bob reflected in his eye.

Now that he's all shed out, I see that Pedro has a brand on his shoulder.  This picture doesn't show it clearly.  I'm not sure what it says but I suppose it doesn't matter.  Whatever it is, Bob doesn't have one, so they most likely didn't come from the same place originally.

This next photo was totally blah until I made it do this.  I like it!

All My Children:

We're making our second batch of blackberry jam tonight.  I squashed all the seeds out already, and we have about a gallon and a half of juice and pulp.  :)

This is my next project:

This is just one of our apple trees, the one that ripens early.  Think I'll start with apple butter.  We have 5 other apple trees and the bugs didn't get to them much at all this year.  Anyone want some apples?


Snipe said...

I'd love some apples, but it would be a long drive. Love the photos.

Cindy D. said...

I want some apples too, but I wonder if they would still be good by time they got here...or by time I got them home. It would probably be worth the trip though!

You are really putting out some great pics lately Andrea. I love it when your creative talents runneth over!

American Girl said...

I'll see if I can make an excuse to come down there. Ha Ha Ha.