Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lunch Date

Horses and sunshine will cure all ills.  Well, at least some days it seems that way.  Still not feeling up to snuff, in fact I spent a lot of today in bed reading a good book.  But yesterday I had lunch with my best friends.

The lunchtime lineup:

Not sure how he felt about me lounging in his meal.

It looks like he wants a kiss, doesn't it?  He doesn't, really.  But I gave him a click and a treat for a kiss or two this evening and I'm hoping maybe he'll get to where he likes it.  :)

And I have found that it's not MY saddle that scares him.  It's just a saddle thing in general.  So we'll keep soldiering on, trying to build some good habits in hopes of building a comfort zone one of these days. 


Keechy said...

You can definitely teach them to give kisses, and also to put their head in your arms for a cuddle, and yes after a while they seem to enjoy it for its own sake and seek out the cuddle in particular.

shadowlake2005 said...

I read somewhere that it is very calming for a horse to put his head down because he can't think about fleeing in that position, so i used treats and the words "head down" to persuade my high headed, abused ASB to relax and now he does it spontaneously and it's so sweet when he stands by me with his ears at waist level, sighing, enjoying having them stroked. And this is a horse who had been "eared". I never thought he'd like having them touched.