Sunday, November 10, 2013


I think I was sick yesterday.  It may have just been a reaction to stress.  I don't know.  Glad to be feeling better today though.  And the sun was shining!

This past week was very windy and rainy.  The trees threw off all their clothing like nudist toddlers and today we spent many hours picking up after them.  I didn't enjoy the work but I figure it's a small price to pay for all the long, warm, silent moments in the summer under their slivery, dancing leaves. 

I let everyone out on the pasture for a while today.  Pedro didn't get to stay out as long as the horses.  But I think I made a mistake because Joseph's feet were very warm tonight and he was ouchy on gravel.  Hmmm.

Bob was upset because I moved Pedro over by the horses so I went and opened some gates so he could be near them.  I wish I could put everyone together but with Bob on pelleted feed and grass, that just doesn't work.
 He was pretty bright and happy.  One thing that stuck with me after I watched the Pete Ramey video on donkeys was what he said about their attitude.  That they should not be depressed and droopy like Eeyore, and if they are, something is wrong.  Bob had me worried because he was pretty droopy and down most of the time.  But I was thinking about it as I walked with him today, and it's been a long time since I've seen him that way.  He runs around, seems happy to see me, and is pretty bright, although still more shy than Pedro.
 I think he's doing pretty well.  Sweet old guy.

Joseph played hard to catch today out in the pasture, so I had to insist.  I gave him a couple treats and a bit of love and went back to working on fence.  When it came time to go back into lockup, he just followed me and Bella.  I decided to make it a point to catch him with the halter and do nothing, then release him.  He ran off a couple times before letting me halter him.  The next time he came right up to me.  We need to do more "catch and release."  :)

We played with the clicker as well, working on targeting.  Interestingly, he has a hard time touching the target when it's down low.  I think it's scarier for him to dip his head down like that.  But he got to where he was really enjoying the game and would touch it wherever I put it, sometimes trying to cheat by touching my hand.  When I put him away he stood at the gate and asked for more.  I think that's a good sign.

I had been kind of excited about a group on Facebook that I thought was a clicker group, but it was so weird I couldn't even wrap my head around it, and there was a lot of paperwork and checking of boxes.  I think it might appeal to someone with a more computer/engineering type brain.  Wasn't going to work for me, it was like it was written in a whole different language with a different set of symbols than I'm used to.  Oh well.  We will continue to feel our way through rather than using scientific methods.   

I'm looking forward to another nice day tomorrow.  I love the sunshine!


Erin said...

I have a really nice clicker book if you want to borrow it. Super easy to use. Helped me a lot

Keechy said...

Clickryder is the list I used to be on. Don't think they were that sciencey with it. I never have been. It's not my style. They have some good archives on this page too. Reading those where I first started getting the idea of how to modify using clicker with my dogs to using it with my horse.

Yes catch and release is so important. I tried to make it so catching was done every day for bringing in for meals etc, and also for nothing, then when you really needed it they were good to go.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Erin, I'd LOVE to borrow your book but I'm afraid to try to meet on campus again. What book is it? What do you like about it, or dislike? Maybe I can get one of my own.

Keechy, I was on Clickryder at some point too. Long, long ago... I don't remember it being helpful but I can't remember why not. I vaguely remember deciding to leave the group because it was stressing me out.