Saturday, March 29, 2014

Half Day

After I got off work today we just tied Jasper and Scout to the trailer and groomed them.  They're shedding like crazy.  Bella threw a big tantrum in the pasture because we took her boy away.  She's pretty athletic for a lame horse.

Then I tried out my camping hammock I got for Christmas.  It was pretty relaxing.  The trees around the house are very supple and my hammock was swaying in the wind.  I think I could sleep through a night like that.

The view wasn't half bad.

Then the dogs found me and I felt like a kid pretending to be in a boat surrounded by sharks.  Except these sharks were overly friendly.  :)

I went over Pedro's radiographs with one of the vets at work today and she thought they looked pretty good too.  Maybe a little bone loss at the tip of the coffin bone, and definitely a sinker, but not hopeless by any means. 

I had an update on Joseph the other day.  He's already hitting the trails with his new owners and they say he's a rock star!  Gotta love that!  It makes me so happy to hear that he's succeeding out in the world.


Keechy said...

LOL, look at those faces! How are you floating mum? That's too weird! Come down! Great news about Joseph!

Keechy said...

Hm, that comment needed more punctuation. :)