Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Bullet post

  • I completely missed Scout's birthday - March 31.  I think on that day I didn't like the way he behaved at feeding time so he didn't get his goodies (supplement & grass pellets).  It was 6 years ago that he landed in my lap. 
  • Today we played angel of death at work.  Started off with a euthanasia of a little old dog that was on the way out anway, we just made it quicker & quieter.   Then we pulled a calf from a heifer who had given up trying to give birth.  We were completely surprised to find the calf was alive, but it died within minutes.  I'd never seen a calf born.  It was really uplifting, and then really sad.  A whole life gone before it started.  Then we put down a mare who was desperately trying to get away from her colic pain.  Poor thing.  What an exhausting day, physically and emotionally.
  • This is a marathon work week.  We're short handed and I'm totally not accustomed to the balls-to-the-wall, on my feet, lucky to get a bite to eat schedule for so many days in a row.
  • I am feeling bad that I don't have enough time for Jasper.  I have to keep reminding myself that it's only one week.
  • I cannot get used to calling my mule Jasper.  The first name that comes to mind when I think of him or look at him is Willy.  I will not call him Willy.
  • John's first thought as to what his "true" name is was Wilfred.  Weird.  I hadn't told him the Willy thing.
  • My best friend in the whole wide world is coming to visit this weekend.  We haven't seen each other in something like 5 years, even though we're only a state away from each other.  I can't wait to see the kids!  
  • Even though she's my best friend and knows my flaws to a tee, I still must clean house.  I am so glad the rest of the family is helping.  There's no way I could get my house clean this week.
  • Good day to you!  I'd love to stay and chat more but I have garbage to take up to the road, recycling to haul out to the truck, and equines to feed.  Then I'm going to collapse into bed and try not to dream about work.


Keechy said...

Hang in there! Cash/Jasper/Wilfred won't suffer for some settling in time. :)

Can't believe I must have been reading you blog for more than six years because i started just before Scout was born. Goodness! Where did that time go?

Ps. if you call him Wilfed he is going to end up as Willy, unless you consciously go for Wilfy or Freddy. :) Mind you nicknames are funny the way they evolve. My sister has a huge near-black Irish Draft Sport horse called Fionn, and she calls him Feefee, which is just silly in such a huge horse, yet it suits him. :)

Anonymous said...

Does sound like an all-out week - animals who need help, including help to the other side, are lucky to have people like you around.

Della Goldsworth said...

We are so excited to come!!!! I do have to tell you, though, that Ben feels you do not have a proper farm. I used that word, and he started grilling me on what animals you have. So he is quite disappointed you do not have sheep, cows (the neighbor cows aren't sufficient), ducks, or chickens. I told him you USED to have a couple of those things. He just shook his head. :-)

Becky Maggart said...

I'm sorry it's been a rough week! Honestly, that is the reason why I decided not to persue vet tech school. I very firmly believe that putting them down before they suffer is the right thing to do, if at all possiable. But the calf would get me, and seeing greiving people everyday would get me. You are a strong women! I know you are one of those great ones who care about their paitents and are kind to the owners.

I don't think it's going to harm him one bit to have some settling in time. You don't need one more thing to stress about, so try not too! Easier said then done, I know....

I couldn't do Willy as a name either, I got a horse named Ozzy took a little bit to rewire my brain but it had to be done!

Keechy said...

I'm with you Becky. I won't take stressful measures to try and keep my beasties going now. As they say, better a week too soon than an hour too late. I'm just so thankful we have that ability to do this for our animals and wish we could do it for ourselves. I'm sure we wouldn't fear death as we do if we knew we could escape any unbearable suffering when the time came.