Saturday, April 19, 2014

Good Times

   Today I had every intention of riding, but I trimmed hooves instead, then we just had some quiet time.

I was standing rubbing his cheek, and he offered me his ear, and let me rub it all over, inside and out, even the tip.  That was a very nice moment.

His ears are cuter than any Easter Bunny's.

 Don't you agree?

Oh, the sweet and relaxed cuteness.
(Don't mind the snot, spring=pollen & everyone has snot right now.) 

  We played kissy-face.  Could you resist kissing this face? 

Then I sat in the pasture and watched them eat.

Bella coyly wandered over, looking so sweet, but her secret mission was to check my pockets for treats.

I told Scout, "Stop right there, mister!"  He's too naughty for close-up pocket checks.  He like to paw at any equine laying on the ground, and I'm not quite as tough as they are.

Jasper was catching up on the grass he missed out on while we were in the round pen.
 Then he burped, so I figured it was time to take them off the grass for the day.  They're not supposed to burp.

I headed into the grain bin to mix together some flax seed, vitamins, and grass pellets, to lure them back into the drylot.

Scout and Bella came trick-or-treating:

 Jasper stood outside doing his distinctive mule nicker. 
 Then they all followed me in to the corral and lived happily ever after.  :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely day. His ears are fantastic - would love to touch them. And the new header photo is great!

Keechy said...

Cute pics and super cute ears! Great that he is learning to trust you with them!