Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So much for good weather

It's blowing sideways today, so I'm spending my day inside.  Yuck.  But my house is kinda clean now.

I'm hoping for a still moment later in the day to go out and pick hooves and maybe get Jasper out of the pasture for a bit.  We shall see.

I can't wait to see in his mouth when he gets his dental done.  I just realized that's less than a week away!  Yay!  I am wondering if his teeth are catching and that might be why he is having trouble with bringing his nose back toward his chest.  The lower jaw needs to slide freely forward and back for that to happen, and if there are hooks, waves or prominent ridges, it won't slide freely.  It might just be a mental thing.  Regardless, judging by how he acts like he has food stuck in his cheek after eating pellets, I think the dental is going to be good for him.

Now I'm off to buy Easter candy.  :)

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