Thursday, May 01, 2014

Bugs and Mane

Tonight I groomed and fly sprayed Bella, Scout, and Jasper.  The flies are tormenting them, and I think the mosquitoes are starting to be a problem too.  I'm about out of fly spray and I'm thinking of trying something different.  Has anyone here ever tried Flick's fly spray?  It's all natural and I've smelled it on a nice old mule before and it was wonderful, but it has cedar oil in it so I'm afraid it might be a problem for some critters.  How about Avon Skin So Soft?  I hear that works well on mosquitoes too, but I also hear it doesn't work at all, so...  Hmmm.

Then I cut poor Jasper's mane.  I say "cut" and not "roached" because there is no skill to my work, or really any claim to knowing what I'm doing at all.  Somehow I ended up with it shorter in front of his withers, so he looks ewe-necked now.  And I'm sure he looks like a beaver chewed on him.  It was dusk when I finished, so I think maybe when I see it in daylight I'll be horrified.  Oh well, haircuts grow out.

Everyone was very well behaved, and although they don't love being sprayed, there was a lot less flicking and stomping going on when I was done.

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