Tuesday, June 03, 2014

I Lost my Ass on Lost Creek


That title sounds like it could be the name of a sad, sad country song.  But my dog didn't leave me.

Jasper is quite interested in the view here.

I brought Blue along, after some thought.  I wasn't sure how Jasper would do with a dog darting around, but Blue is pretty good about listening to commands as long as he's not running with Huck.  "Get on trail," and "Get ahead," are the two I most commonly use, along with, "Leave it!"  He disappeared to the side of the trail a couple times (he dreams of catching chipmunks but they're too fast), which isn't really okay, but he never spooked Jasper.

Happy Blue

Wet Blue

Well behaved Blue

VERY happy Blue (he'd found a jawbone)

Goodbye Blue

It was around here, and without any forewarning, that Jasper bolted sideways and broke away from me (after giving me a little rope burn).  Yesterday I was really worried about this happening, and pictured what I'd do if I lost him in this huge forest area.  I'd thought about putting a bell on him just in case, but I worried that would spook him more.  Yesterday went fine, and today he waited until I was relaxed and we were on our way back to give me a heart attack.  Whatever he spooked at was near a pond we'd already visited.

Luckily he stopped about 20 feet from me.  GOOD BOY!  He just stood and stared at whatever he was staring at, and I walked carefully up (telling Blue to "Get back" because like any good cowdog he was ready to jump in and "help" me chase that mule far, far away), and I gently took hold of his lead rope.  After reassuring him that he was okay, and telling him what a good boy he is, I got a good grip on it with both hands, wrapping the rope slightly around my off hip for leverage.  Sure enough, he bolted again when we got back to the same spot, but I had a good grip on him and I told him to knock it off.  We went on our way. 

Jasper says, "Wow, did you see that?"

"Almost lost my cool there."
(We're gonna die!
We're gonna die!
I'm going to throw up, and then I'm gonna die!
Mommy, tell it to stop!
Almost lost my cool there.)

Name that movie.  My very favorite scene. I'd watch the whole movie again just for that.

Then he shook it off and we moved on.

Hello again, Blue

I think sometimes he doesn't love me pointing my phone at him.

But he did love the view of the big meadow.

When I got home from running errands tonight (a rather disturbing experience - grocery shopping can make you lose your faith in humanity) a gorgeous storm was hanging around the edges of my world.  It's raining with lightning and thunder right now, and I think I'll head outside and enjoy it (and check on the critters).



Snipe said...

He is a gorgeous mule, and he has such expressive ears.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Thank you! I think he's pretty handsome but I'm a little biased. :)

Keechy said...

Glad you got him back! I hear you re grocery shopping. I often use an ipod to listen to so i can go about it my own little world. Always hate having to take it off at the checkout.