Monday, June 02, 2014

Too many pictures?

I think we all enjoyed our hike today.  Jasper walked right into the trailer without even pausing.  I was ready to give him that moment to look at what he's getting into, and he just marched right in.  When we got there, Liam unloaded his bike, I unloaded my mule, and we went trucking down the trail.  Jasper was really moving in the beginning, but he started to relax and slow down after a bit. Every now and then I'd ask him to stop and back up.  Neither is a problem, but he hasn't yet figured out how to back up without pushing his nose into the halter.  I think he's starting to make a connection, but it's not like butter yet.  It will be eventually.  I remember having this exact same problem with Bella and Scout.  They could back, or they could give to the halter, but not both.  Jasper is just barely starting to give his face after a few steps when he backs.

Oh, but wait, Pedro needs a moment in the limelight: 

Look at that happy face:


Taking a break:




Back at the trailhead:


He looks photoshopped:

Hard to get far enough away for a full body shot:

Zen meditation mule:

We'll play in the meadow next time.
I'd like to go out again tomorrow, but I'm not sure we'll have time.  I should probably put in some riding time in the round pen instead...


Kate said...

Never too many pictures - especially of a lovely mule face!

Keechy said...

Jasper looks so happy!