Friday, August 08, 2014

I feel better about Scout's injury today. I talked to a vet at WSU and he explained things to me in a way that makes sense. If his sacrum was broken, he likely wouldn't have anal tone, but he definitely does have that. It was one of the first things we checked. This vet thought it would be ok to keep giving the high doses of Bute for 5-7 days.

I hadn't considered using steroids. That scares me. I don't know a lot about steroids, but I do know there is a risk of founder when they are used, so I'm not comfortable with them.

When I added up how much we are actually feeding him, his decreased poop output made more sense. I'm going to keep feeding him every couple hours, but I'm going to increase how much soaked hay I give him. I'm also going to add some Epsom salts to his diet for a laxative effect. The extra magnesium should be good for him too.

Today while he was grazing loose in the yard he discovered one of the apple trees, and I had to firmly chase him away from it twice. I think that made him mad and he started galloping all over the place, doing sliding stops when he came to obstructions. He was obviously enjoying himself and not hurting too badly. Goofball. After I put him up he produced 3 big piles of nice soft poop.

In other news, Jasper has gone on to a home on a ranch in Oregon with a mule experienced family. He'll be moving cattle and packing big game. They're really happy with him.

I had an update on Joseph too. His owner loves him. They've been all over several different wilderness areas this summer.

I have been very hesitant to get a new horse. And now Scout has used up my savings on his vet bills, so it's a moot point. I had just about decided to just start getting myself and Pedro in shape instead of getting another horse anyway.

That said, there is a new horse here. I am kind of leasing her, although I haven't been able to ride her, first because of my leg injury and now because her owner can't get her farrier here to take care of her overgrown hooves. She has one shoe on. She is an 18 year old paint mare who supposedly a has never had a lame day in her life, although her front legs are terribly crooked and I'd consider her lame right now, on the front foot where she lost her shoe. She may be sound in shoes. Her name is Dakota.

She has pretty eyes.

I rode recently for the first time since my injury. It was good to be on a horse again! Scout is pretty unresponsive to leg, although other than that he was a rock star. My leg is a weird combination of numb and painful, so I could only ride for about ten minutes at a time.

I discovered that Pedro doesn't at all mind leaving the property without Bob, and he LOVES to get out and explore. He also likes PB&J.

And he doesn't need a dope on the end of his rope when we're on a narrow trail.

Last but not least... Winston. Is he thinking deeply? Attempting a Jedi mind trick? Completely mindless? He makes a very odd and totally hilarious dinner companion.


Keechy said...

Gosh, lots of changes! Pedro looks totally adorable in his saddle! I hope the new mare's feet come good and she gives you some nice rides.

Kara said...

Yes, high high doses of steroids can lead to laminitis but it is more rare than we are led to believe. I've used steroids for a couple allergic reactions, and acute heaves and never had a problem. Be much more careful in a horse already prone to laminitis, like a metabolic syndrome horse or a Cushing's horsemanship especially if they've already had previous laminitis episodes. I wouldn't use steroids if there had been previous laminitis. I,ve also used them in cows with trauma. Cows can get laminitis too. But totally agree with other vet about softening his poop with laxatives. Sounds like he is starting to feel better. Good job!

Kara said...

And I would not do steroids at this point. Already over the hump of acute inflammation. Only choose steroids over bute or ban amine in really severe cases of trauma and soft tissue swelling, such as when you might have spinal cord compression.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I do worry about laminitis in this guy just because of his fatness. No actual signs of it though.

He continues to improve a lot! Still not using his tail though.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sorry to that Jasper didn't work out. Hope you heal soon.