Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Holding Pattern

Scout is about the same. Pooping plenty, eating soaked hay at regular intervals, very swollen and sore. No use of his tail yet. I suspect he can't feel it but he sure can feel everything in front of it. Poor guy.

I had to buy baby wipes and ointment for him. He doesn't mind, except when I touch his sore butt. Mostly it's his tail that gets messy anyway.

Are grapes ok to feed to horses in small amounts? I have him one and he really liked it.

Pedro and I had a couple more great hikes.
Now back to working 6 days a week. Yay.


Kate said...

Glad Scout's holding his own - eating, drinking and manure are all very good.

Tina said...

Poor poor boy, sounds so awful for him. My little mare used to eat grapes all the time when I let her into the backyard to graze. I know now that they aren't good for dogs though so not sure now about horses. I'm sure one or two would be fine since my mare ate a lot more than that with no ill effects!

Tina said...

Ps i am usually Keechy. Blogger brainfart apparently! :D

Linda said...

I've been following his progress on Facebook--it's horrible. I'm so sorry for him and you! You're a good mama!