Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Time for Everyone

My friend the toad.

Dakota'a crooked legs and bad hooves. Still no word from her farrier.

The mares. They are so much alike.

I parked them in various places and asked them to stand. They did very well!

Detangler attracts dirt.

Least overgrown hoof (self trimming)

More overgrown hoof.

Bella's hooves.

Bella looking long in the face.

Scout started mutilating his tail when I gave him access to the barn. Going to have to keep him in 100% electric until he heals, I guess. And it had been looking so much better. I'd had an appointment for him at WSU and canceled it because he was so improved, but now I kind of wish I hadn't. Still no tail movement, acting colicky (pain before pooping), and now obviously it feels weird or hurts, causing him to rub it.

My son is growing like a weed. He may be as tall as me this week and he's only 12.

Pedro thinks training in the round pen is dumb. We kept it short and he got lots and lots of praise.

Bob didn't want to be left out. He's such a sweetie.


Keechy said...

Must admit I am a fan of mares. :) Poor Scout!

Kara said...

His tail probably feels tingly with the nerve damage. Give it time. Nerves can heal quite well, but they take time.

Snipe said...

Bella looks so, so sweet.

I love how you describe Pedro's thoughts on round pen training.