Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Haltering Difficulty

I don't know if I mentioned how hard a time I was having getting a halter past his busy mouth. I would try to slip it around his nose, but he was lightning quick at sucking it way up into his mouth. Then a laughing game of tug-o-war would ensue. He cracks me up.

Of course I also had to get him to accept my arms going under and over his neck with a halter dangling. He was understandably very nervous about this, but yesterday he decided it was fine.

I finally had the good sense to give him something else to play with while I slipped the halter on, and voila!

Of course, since he ate his halter I had to use Pedro's, which is a bit loose around the nose.

I didn't ask anything of him with the halter, just wiggled it around on his face and took it off.

I did ask him to give to pressure on his face for the first time with just my hand. I expected some resistance, but there wasn't much. Just thoughtful pause, and a very slight give. We will build on that. I also asked him to move his front end away from me, which he did beautifully the first time, and more hesitantly but still good enough the second and third time. We're starting some real work. What fun!


Kate said...

Love his face, and the new name! You do sound like you're having a lot of fun.

Cindy D. said...

He is a cutie Andrea!

Kara said...

I love his soft curious eyes! What a beautiful horse!

Snipe said...

He is adorable. You sound very excited to have him.

Keechy said...

Oh he's such a baby! What a sweet eager expression he has there!