Monday, October 13, 2014

On the tenth day...

He has a name!

Meet Luc

Luc (Luke) is a Welsh or French name meaning Light or Illumination.  To me, light is the ultimate "is," affirmation, or "yes!" Light is. Darkness is not, it is simply nothing, an absence of light. (I also love the darkness, but only as defined by the light of moon and stars, or a candle's glow, or the lights of home on a dark night). Then we have Illumination, which is just Wow. I don't know why it took me so long. This name has been on my list all along, and it fits him, but I kept thinking of Luke Skywalker, who is a bit whiny. So he will be my Luc.  Lugh.  Lughnasadh.  Harvest, bountiful, fulfillment long awaited. 

Today Luc is having a hard time.  It's windy and he's unsettled.  He was actually trotting back and forth in his pen this morning, which I have not seen him do before.  Remember, having lived only in holding facilities in the desert, he's probably not used to grasses and trees rattling in the wind.  The coolness of the morning didn't help.  He seems a little more relaxed now that it's warmed up.

I took a bucket in to sit on, and I figured I'd let him explore it first.  Which he quite thoroughly did.

He likes to paw things back underneath himself and then act surprised about it.

He was playing too vigorously and cracked it, so I took it away and sat on it.

We just hung out for a long while.

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Keechy said...

Luc is a very nice name! (And as a Pagan I think Lugh or Lughnasadh would be too. :) )