Monday, February 23, 2015

Hooves and Clowning Around

Luc did really well with his hoof handling and trimming today. He was pretty apprehensive about the hind feet, but I think we had a breakthrough at the end. The process is pretty boring in print: 1. Rub entire hind leg. 2. Ask for a lift & he thinks about lifting. 3. Lift heel. 4. Lift foot barely off the ground. More baby steps. Eventually tip sole upward and incorporate my leg into the holding process, introduce touch on the sole and frog, pick hooves. Insert some backward and forward progress, building on duration, with a couple walks around the pasture for a break. When I decided I'd taken up enough of his time and turned him loose, he just wanted to hang out. :)

I decided to trim Bella and started with her hind feet. She was a gem, of course, especially considering Scout was harassing her front end and Luc was standing behind her, closely observing. I would have told Scout to leave if Bella was truly bothered, but he's her son and she's very tolerant.

What was really interesting was Luc's behavior as he watched me trim. His attention was glued on what we were doing, and he was breathing VERY deeply and rhythmically, like I know I do during a quick power nap, but he was wide awake. It was like the big sigh they give when releasing tension, but ongoing. I think he was absorbing a lot of information in an alert but relaxed manner. It'll be interesting to see how he does with hoof work next time.

Meanwhile, Scout was playing with Bella's halter, standing where her head should be, (making her stand very awkwardly), laying his nose on my back, and putting his hoof on the hoof stand. Then Luc stole my coat and spooked himself while I was kneeling under Bella. She must be used to their shenanigans because she didn't spook (thank goodness).

When I decided to fill the trough both boys wanted to play with the hose. I think Luc enjoyed rinsing bits of grass out of his mouth with the hose. Then Scout got jealous and chased him off. I decided to hang around and be the hose police so they wouldn't keep pulling the hose out and make a big mud pit.

We found something to do in the meantime.

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Jo B said...

They make me laugh!