Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nice weather, sick Scout.

Scout started snotting and coughing again, darn it. I got him some antihistamines, which are apparently on and off backorder and rather expensive... Drug companies irritate me. But I won't go on about that.

So I went hiking yesterday rather than going on my first trail ride of the year. My sister took her horse.

This is where we started out.

A quick picture break.

We played a silly game with feed dishes. Scout was convinced there was food in them. It was funny watching him try to figure out how to he his nose into the bowl on his butt. He settled for checking the other horses' bowls and knocking them all down. Luc was a little scared at first, but I think being in a relaxed group with me laughing set his mind at ease.

Back yard flowers.

Enjoying a quiet evening snack with my horse. He still rejects my offers of apples. He doesn't believe they're food.

More backyard flowers. The plum trees are blooming. :)

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