Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pedro's Day

I took Pedro with me to the dentist's house yesterday and turned him out in an area next to her horses. He had a grand time cruising around, grazing, and playing gelding games over the fence. One of the other dental clients, a definite mule man, was really smitten with Pedro.

When his turn came, he motored right up the ramp an ad into the stocks, but then he started to get nervous. After he was injected and started to feel weird, he decided he didn't like it at all, and backed up as far as he could in the stocks. Or so I thought. Turns out he could back up farther until his back feet came off the ground.

Poor Pedro. I felt really bad for him. He got 3 doses of anesthetic to take the edge off, and he held still nicely, but he really was scared.

His mouth was Definitely in need of help. He had a big ramp on the front right molar, where the bottom tooth was way overgrown and the top tooth was ground too short. Because of it, he could only move his jaw to one side. And he had 2 big wolf teeth. Since I do want to put a bit in his mouth, Sarah removed those for me. And it was a very hard job. He had his head low so it was an awkward angle, and they were just big didn't want to come out.

Once we were home and he was awake and settled back in, I watched him eating with his jaw moving freely and it really made it all worth it. And he forgave me, so that's good.

Oh, and she looked carefully at his teeth and she thinks he's in his mid teens. Older than I was told, but younger than I thought, so I'll gladly take it. We've got a lot of years ahead!

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Kate said...

Poor Pedro! But he'll be happier now it's done ;)