Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I took Scout on our first solo trail ride the other day.  He was kind of hyper-alert and also started coughing and blowing big gobs of snot, so we hiked more than we rode. He's been on Tri-Hist twice a day and that was working so well I cut it back to once a day, and apparently that wasn't a good idea. Of course he won't eat the Tri-Hist in his grain so I have to give it via syringe. He's a high maintenance kind of guy lately.

"Holy cow! Did you see that turkey?"

Then, when I got back from doing my errands in town, I found a strange pickup in my driveway. Some horses were loose up the road. Weird, but I'd be happy to help. What did you say they look like?

Oh, they might be mine...

So yeah, they were mine, and I'm glad to have good neighbors who know their way around horses. They had them caught already, and were already most of the way home by the time I met up with them. So Luc had his first outing off the property without me. Not to mention the most handling he's ever had by anyone other than me, and both of them men. 

I shouldn't have mentioned how Luc was staying in my pathetic temporary fence... I guess that era is over, now that they know there is wheat growing right next door. Apparently some deer had taken out the fence.  Liam had noticed and forgotten to tell me. It's not really his fault, I know that happens and I should have been checking fence more often. I dream of the day I can fence the whole place. I have the posts, just not the fencing. I will eventually put a track around the property for the horses, and hay the interior. Very eventually.

Today Pedro goes to the dentist. I wish Bob could go but he Will Not Load. I guess he'll die on the place, sooner rather than later if I don't get his teeth attended to. Scout was going to go but I don't want his snot draining backward while his head is up for dentistry.  I can't wait to see what's going on in Pedro's mouth.

Oh, and I decided April 22 Wil be Luc's birthday. So happy birthday to him. He's 3 now, even though he looks like a 2 year old.

I'll leave you with a picture of Blue from our hike last weekend. He looks all majestic until you pay attention to his eyes, and then he'll make you laugh. He looks so empty-headed.


Anonymous said...

Glad everyone's OK after the "escape". I need to decide on a b-day for Missy, who otherwise doesn't have one - not that we do much special that day, but just to note it, I guess.

Hope Pedro does well with the dentist.

T.L. Merrybard said...

LOL, that's his "Blue Steel" look! :D (As in Zoolander.) Marvelous pic of him though!