Monday, May 04, 2015

Hike & Ride

John and I got to go out and have some fun today.  We took Pedro and Scout, and I figured Pedro could carry just a little weight.  (Photos are pretty much randomly inserted, I hope you don't mind.)

We'd never hiked here, other than a quick trip this winter when we found there was too much snow, unless you had snowshoes.  It was the kind of snow that would hold you up for an instant and then your foot would go plunging through.

I'd ridden a very nice trail nearby, but never this one.  I had a Forest Service map of the area, and I took a picture of the map at the trailhead too, just in case.  Let me just say, you'd think the Forest Service would make better maps.  I don't think we were ever really lost, since the trail we were looking for reappeared just at the point where I was thinking of turning back.  John says we were lost.  What we were, was gone a lot longer and a lot farther than we expected.  We got cell service again just in time to call Katia and have her pick Liam up from school.  (His school is over 20 miles away and no bus service.)
It was a 10 mile, 4 1/2 hour loop on mostly very nice trails, with a short stretch on a logging road.  Some of it was really steep.  (I'd know how much elevation we gained if my stupid app would work!)  John walked the whole thing, and I think I rode and walked about equal distances.  Scout wasn't very fatigued when we got home, and while I'm feeling it, it's more my allergies and dehydration that are bothering me than anything sore.  Poor John did the Bloomsday race yesterday in Spokane, so he's done 22 miles in the last 2 days.  I did keep asking if he wanted to ride his horse, but he didn't. 

Pedro did surprisingly well (I had not intended to take him on that long a hike).  There was one spot where there was a deep motorcycle rut in the middle of the trail, with not enough room to walk on either side, and it was a little greasy and VERY steep.  Poor Pedro.  He had a hard time keeping his hind end going.  His hooves would slip out from under him, then he'd knuckle over, then he'd stop and think.  Thank goodness donkeys stop and think.  He got up it ok.

Scout, on the other hand, does not stop and think, and it makes him clumsy.  Granted, he hasn't had enough riding, but I was disappointed in him a little bit.  Stumbly, not watching where he was going, overreacting about every puddle, slipping trying to avoid the puddles, etc. We really, really need to work on puddles and mud.  Some bodies of water are no big deal, but little trickles, small puddles, and some wet spots are a big problem.  I think it has something to do with his compromised eyesight.  That, and the fact that he's a horse.


When we got home they both got a quick hosing off, a good roll in the dust, and Pedro got some bute and magnesium.  He didn't seem to be having any trouble, but he did a lot today.  Heck, I think we all could have used a little bute.  :)

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Linda said...

Holy cow--what a ride/walk. Where is that trail? I got lost on Mt. Spokane one time--on the backside--the maps were very difficult to read--but you can usually wind around and find yourself--eventually.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

It's called the Giant White Pine trail system, on the Palouse Divide. Nearest towns are Harvard and Emida, Idaho. I'd definitely do this ride again, but make sure I had enough time.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...
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T.L. Merrybard said...

What an adventure! John is one fit dude. :)