Thursday, May 14, 2015

Trails, and Luc Goes Down the Road

 We've had a few really lovely rides lately.
 I figure I walk and ride about half and half. Scout likes it that way, especially on the steep stuff.
My sister joined us for part of a ride and then had to turn back to make it to a mother's day barbecue. I was afraid Scout would have a big problem with that, but he wasn't too worried.
 We found a pretty spectacular view. Photos don't do it justice. Kamiak Butte and part of Moscow Mountain are in the distance. I couldn't spot my house though.
 It was nice to have a cool creek to wade in when we got back.
 Luc went farther down the road. He's a pretty brave guy. And he would really like to graze in the wheat.
 He did throw one little baby tantrum when we were almost home, the neighbor's horse was calling to him, and I insisted (by flapping my elbow) that he not crowd me. He shot forward in a little bolt, causing me to ski on the gravel a bit as I pulled him around.  He stood there staring at me, I laughed at him and we moved on.

We've had some really great rain the past fer days, with more in the forecast. Grow grass, grow! It's been a warm, dry year so far and we definitely needed the moisture. I hope it doesn't interfere too much with my horse time, though. :)

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Linda said...

It looks like a beautiful ride. Good horsey time. I'm lovin' the rain, too.