Monday, April 25, 2016

Farrier Visit

Duncan did great! He was worried and tried to be evasive at first, but the farrier just stuck with him and it was no big deal.

Scout and Bella were angels. But he pointed out the obvious - they are too cresty and shouldn't be on grass 24/7.

Pedro was bad! He trimmed him tied to the trailer so I wouldn't get hurt with him pulling on me. He has the opinion that mules and donkeys will pull right out of their owner's hands. (My sweet, innocent Pedro? Never.) I ended up happy he did it that way. He was good until the last foot, when he decided to try to fall on the farrier and ended up sitting on his own butt, twice. He was good after that. Reminded me of when I first trimmed him and Bob. They were bad! We worked it out. I'm sure Pedro will be better next time.

I like this farrier. Scheduled him again. Nice guy, on time, and does a good job. Amazing.

Random pics from tonight:

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